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New paintings by MLJ Johnson


Much of life’s phenomena have been changed due to the light.

More and more I’ve heard the phrase

“He’s touched, I can see the light in him,” well more and more; people are being touched and one can see the light in their faces. Its energy seems to consume their entire expression giving the rise to pictographic phenomenon.

In Kirlian photography, the light gives rise to an alto-image; which changes the perception of the subject creating a vibration which registers in the print. These images touched with light create a similar vibration, that of the emotions.

Romare Bearden in his x-ray experiments uncovered a version of the same phenomenon, pale ghost images; which took on and reflected light never existing on their own but seen only when touching another image.

In this new series of works I reveal variations of the light.

The light is reflected vibrating through, settling into those spaces usually reserved for color, transition and expression.

It represents line and sometimes space; it operates as abstract form as well as imagery. It’s a kind of energy existing independently as well as dependently as a form of something or shape of an unrecognizable nothing.

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